You’ve been served. Now what?

All subpoenas are court orders which require a person or company to do something? Dealing with subpoenas can be time-consuming and sometimes difficult to understand. Here are some things to consider when receiving a subpoena:

  • Deal with it immediately! Required response time is typically given in the subpoena. Don’t ignore it. Paperwork must be filed with the court and addressed by the court prior to the time of the court date, deposition, or date set for production.
  • Read it completely. Make sure the subpoena does not require information which cannot be disclosed or may be considered confidential.
  • Review the records requested and determine if your company has them. If not, send a letter to the attorney confirming a diligent search of company records has been made and you are unable to locate any records responsive to the subpoena. Be careful–certain laws require that records be kept for specific time periods.


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